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Shagya Breeder’s list:
Liste des éleveurs d'arabes shagyas (oct.2017)

List of horses for sale in France:

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List of shagya stallions:
Liste des étalons arabes shagyas disponibles à la monte (saison 2017)

List of certified horses in endurance IRE*, IRE** and IRE*** in France:
Liste des shagyas labellisés en endurance IRE* à IRE*** en France

Shagya Arabian in France

Almost a third of the French SHAGYA ARABIAN herd has distinguished itself in sport.

Since 1989, the French SHAGYA ARABIAN has made its mark in ENDURANCE, thanks to the prestigious record of the French Shagya OUTLAW PERSIK (winner of the FLORAC 160 km, 9th at the World Games in Stockholm in 1990…) and the fact that 90% of SHAGYA sport horses in France excel in endurance: 66% of French SHAGYAs over 7 years old qualify on 90 km and more ! French SHAGYA ARABIANS took first and second place for 160 km at Florac and 5 podiums CEI** and CEI*** in 2007 and 2008.

Our greatest champions and their progeny are: Outlaw Persik (IRE****, DRE****), Ganda Koy (IRE***), Novisaad d'Aqui (IRE***), Héra de la Crouz (IRE****, DRE**), Eulalie d'Outlaw (IRE****), Garrya (IRE***), Hirsoute d’Out Law (IRE***), Ines du Fausset (IRE***), Laïos de Crouz (IRE****), Hornica (IRE**), Magdan Tihama 50 (IRE***), Lutèce de Crouz (IRE****), Tara (IRE***), Luna de Crouz (IRE**), Hadban XXVIII2 (IRE**, DRE***), Csaïka (IRE**, DRE ****), Shogun (IRE**, DRE***), Kasr El Nil (DRE***), Soraya (DRE***), Almarah (DRE***)

The frequency of high level endurance races in France, the professionalism of the discipline, the quality of the French endurance breeders’ selection process and French experience, frequently rewarded with medals at international level, build the reputation of the breed on French soil and make it internationally renowned. Even though they are still not very many, French SHAGYA ARABIANS that compete in Olympic disciplines obtain striking results: EYROL in dressage, KOUBAN in CCE, CORIOLAN DU GARD and SHAGYA LV 43 in CSO.

For 20 years, far-sighted French breeders have recognised the exceptional qualities of SHAGYAS for endurance. The victory of Hungares, a Babolna Shagya, in the world endurance competition of Aachen 2006, proved the abilities of the breed one year after Georgat, daughter of Outlaw Persik became 2005 World Champion in Dubai ! Born of french breeding, KEDJARI DES SERRES won World Championship Young Horses of a 7 and 8 years old 2006 in Compiègne.

Our champion born in France are exported by United Araber Emirates and others country (Bahrain…) : GANDA KOY, ire***, GARRYA, ire***, HÉRA DE LA CROUZ (ire***, dre**), HIRSOUTE D’OUT LAW, ire***, HORNICA, ire**, INÈS DE CROUZ, ire**, KEDJARI DES SERRES, IRE**, KOHINOR DE CROUZ, ire**, GEORGAT ire***, IMAGO DE CROUZ, ire**, LAÏKA DU CADE, ire**, LUNA DE CROUZ, ire**, NOVISAAD D'AQUI, ire***…
We export also to give our best lineages all over the world : Belgium, Brasil, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Switzeland…

Graphique résultats endurance

French Shagya over 7 years old practised in endurance in France (136 horses)